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Learn How To Ski in Alpe di Mera

Immagine 1Alpe di Mera is easy to reach.
Its ski runs are totally free from hazards such as avalanches, ridgelines and crevices, making it an ideal place for beginners and kids who can come here to learn in complete safety a sport that will thrill them for the rest of their lives.
Efficient moving sidewalks, ski lifts, 4-person chair lifts and ski runs suited to all age and skill levels, make this an ideal resort where parents and instructors can teaching alpine skiing. Qualified ski instructors can accompany beginners through the various stages of learning and help them appreciate the natural beauty of this incredible environment. The journey by chair lift from Scopello to Mera will allow you to feel with your senses the marvels of dense forest and the majesty of our snow capped mountain tops.
The more skilled can cultivate their sporting passion at the local Ski Club where they will be supported in competitions.
Alpe di Mera is a resort for all the family, and even for those who just want to spend a day in the snow without skiing.. Here, you can enjoy all the magnificence of a great natural resort, free of cars and safe from avalanches, ridgelines and crevices:

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